Shaenon: Ed Gedeon writes: “What would happen if Tip turned canine? And how would other canines react to him?”

The mere act of publishing a picture of a Peanuts character saying, “Shut up, he’s bitchin’,” probably means I’m getting my National Cartoonists’ Society membership revoked. So thanks, Ed. Thanks for ruining my life.

The transformational possibilities of the current storyline have inspired many artists. Justin Grubbs drew this sketch of Unity as a zombie dog. Justin writes, “I did draw one of Tip as a dog as well, it didn’t turn out too well after scanning it.”

Justin also drew this rather intimidating Moustachio:

Thanks, Justin!

Channing: What can I say? Everybody likes werewolves. Everybody who is awesome, that is. Also, with just a little palette-swapping, canine Tip up there could do a killer cosplay of Florence from Freefall, and I could probably go on about this more at length except for the fact that the girl Peanuts beagle up there has sort of singed my brain. I am ashamed to admit that I do not know if that is one of Snoopy’s sisters, or what. I am a bad, bad cartoon-industry professional.