Shaenon: And here’s what the thumbnails for Skin Horse strips look like. Guess whose is whose! It’s kind of funny, seeing the characters’ names and dialogue written out in another hand, but Jeffrey probably feels the same way.

Channing: It’s actually probably a bit weirder for Shaenon to see characters’ names and dialogue coming from another pen than it is for me. I am, after all, a trained Garrity fanficcer; since the concept and core characters were hers in the first place, my contributions to Skin Horse are kind of like the grandest Shaenon fanfic of all, and it really feels quite homey.

Anyway. In terms of my half of today’s update (you did guess correctly, didn’t you?): this particular page from the first storyline is interesting to me because these were the two strips where Tip’s character voice really sort of came together. Some of you are pretty good at reading small, scratchy and poorly-scanned text — better than me, at any rate — so you might notice that my earliest, scratched-out version of Tip has him being a bit pushy and self-righteous. Which he is, of course, but this was the first strip that really emphasized the way he sort of coats everything with a layer of psychologist doublespeak.

In other news, I’m frankly amazed that I can understand my notes at all, sometimes.