Shaenon: Oh yes indeed. Laura Chapple, a.k.a. Irony-chan, celebrated creator of The Interstellar Tea House and other comics, sent us this rendition of an admittedly likely outcome of the field team’s current mission. Will Unity’s casual appropriation of werewolf parts turn her into a zombie mutt? Will Sweetheart find herself frustratingly unable to run on all fours and lick herself in indelicate places? Read on!
Meanwhile, Feech, who previously drew this touching Valentine tableau, has provided this illustration of a staff movie night.

I have to assume that Tip is a big James Garner fan, as opposed to being, like me, unable to resist a film appearance by Corey Haim. Thanks, Feech!

Channing: You know how it goes. You start out grafting on a few simple werewolf bits to replace the parts those same werewolves ate, and before you know it, you’ve got a damn Poodle ear and are incapable of human speech. Were-Sweetheart in human form is awfully cute, too. Thanks, Irony-chan.

Also here we have another welcome picture from my own personal sweetheart, Feech! As is the case with Shaenon, there is quite a bit of Corey Haim love going on our household, too (although I confess that I’ve had something of a heterosexual man-crush on James Garner ever since The Great Escape.) All this touchy-feely crap notwithstanding, Tip is totally a sissy if he can’t even make it through “Running Lonely” without…



Sorry. Complicating the sorrowful emotions here is a picture of Ramón in happier times. Ramón, we hardly knew ye. Thanks for this adorable picture, Feech.