Shaenon: The moment has arrived!  The Kickstarter drive for Skin Horse Volume 4 has begun! Head over to Kickstarter for a sneak peek at Volume 4 and all the rewards available to pledgees.  This volume will feature all the comics from “If I Ran the Zoo” through “A Wrinkle in Time,” plus an intro by writer Lauren Davis, a bonus story by Hugo-winning author Seanan McGuire, full-color bonus art, and basically it’s going to be an awesome book.  So check it out!

Channing: It should be mentioned that this volume contains the entirety of “Once and Future”, a.k.a. probably the single best storyline in the history of the strip.  If you disagree, please let me mention that it contains (a) a clockwork owl named Joe Lovebody and (b) Unity and Doctor Lee simultaneously smooching Tigerlily Jones.  I think this should satisfy any challengers to my claim.  It should also convince you to give us money to print the book.

Shaenon: I disagree, because this volume also contains “Choose.”