Shaenon: Rosstin, who previously sent us this epic confrontation between Unity and Abraham Lincoln, writes, “I’m making a sort of really silly, simple HTML game for the guest comic, involving Tip, Unity, and Sweetheart using their unique powers in order to overcome obstacles…”

Some preview images:

This is horrible, but at the same time I cannot say it’s out of character for Tip. Except that Tip wouldn’t smoke.

Rosstin’s comics, currently on, will be launching on Keenspace soon, so keep an eye out.

Channing: I like the excitingly chunky look to the art, here. Also, “I’ll handle this!” is a great battle cry, especially when a rational assessment suggests that the person in question is wholly unqualified to take on the challenge at hand, which I suspect will be the case in certain of these scenarios. Keep it up, Rosstin.