Shaenon: So I got myself a little model V-22 Osprey for art reference, and totally not so I can fly it around and make FRRRYUUUU noises. It’s my own mini desktop Nick!

Look, here he is ferrying a client!

Client played by one of Leslie Levings’ Beastlies. D’awww.

Okay, a couple more photos. As is no doubt obvious from Skin Horse, I’m really friggin’ into Oz stuff. Recently I was at Skywalker Ranch, never mind why. The important part is that while I was there I met Tiktok from “Return to Oz”!

Holy crumbs!

I really freaked out. It was a little embarrassing. But can you blame me? Look, he’s even got his instructions on the back!

We also saw Indiana Jones’ hat, George Lucas’ original THX-1138 license plate, and Howard the Duck’s guitar, but seriously! Friggin’ Tiktok! I also liked all the lovely Craftsman architecture.

My life is weird.

Channing: I’m not really qualified to comment on Shaenon’s vacation in any meaningful sense, but that has never really seemed to stop me in the past. Shaenon, that looks like it was a pretty great vacation.

Shaenon: Vacation? This was for Andrew’s job. It was hard, hard work. Look at the hard work. Pity me.