Shaenon: Yes, it’s that time again: the Couscous Collective has put out its latest anthology, SPIRITS, and I totally drew stuff for it.  Anyone who’s followed my commentary on the Narbonic reruns knows that the scenario outlined above is my favorite idea for a Narbonic spinoff, so it was a pleasure to finally draw an adventure of Seth and Caliban, roommates.  Also, Seth gets a last name.

In addition to the Narbonic story, I also did a feature where I illustrated selections from my personal wine log.  It’s super classy, or would be if my wine log wasn’t written in Sharpie while I was drunk.  You can order SPIRITS now at the Couscous Store.

Channing: The answer to the question posed in the graphic is, of course, “no”.  And just because I am equally in the dark as any of you to certain tiny details of Shaenon’s head-canon, I am now wondering if Seth is Marcie’s cousin or something.  It’s fun to be able to do fanboy speculation on your own intellectual property.