Shaenon: We were extremely pleased to see this take on Leo’s webcomic, by Ed Gedeon. I suspect this is the version produced after Leo gets a collaborator with better artistic skills who later takes over the strip and shuts him out of the T-shirt profits. Very nice work, Ed.

Channing: Ed wins many bonus points for this one. I basically concur with Shaenon’s reasoning above, although I think that soon after this point in the comic the esoteric tech references get slowly edged out as Leo’s collaborator runs a dramatic storyline about the First Lion’s dad getting cancer while the Second Lion flashes back to some secret childhood trauma he’s never shared with anyone. Then the Antelope comes out as a homosexual and gets disowned by his family and for six straight months there are no jokes whatsoever and they don’t even eat the Antelope that entire time. Formerly a cornerstone of the strip, now relegated to an occasional running gag tossed out as a bone to the old guard fans who kvetch daily on the strip’s message board about how they remember when this comic used to be about dissing Sony and eating antelopes, fer cryin’ out loud.