Shaenon: Thanks enormously to Dave Van Domelen for this Tip pinup. I’m tempted to just turn Sunday into a Millie the Model type feature where people send in fashion designs for Tip and then I draw the best ones into the strip. They did that in Millie the Model, didn’t they? Most girls’ comics in the ’50s had a page like that.

Okay, I admit it. I’ve never actually read Millie the Model. The only thing I know about it is that my aunt remembered Millie’s evil model arch-rival, Chili Storm, as having only one eye, and I always thought she was literally missing an eye, and when I finally saw the comic I was disappointed to find out that she was just drawn with her hair covering one eye. All those years, I’d been picturing a model with an eyepatch, and how cool would that be?

Ahem. Anyway. Nice dress.

Channing: This is a frighteningly good rendition of Tip. Now you can see why the ladies are all a-swoon for the good doctor. Alternately, if you’re an anti-Tip kind of person, this picture probably only serves to reinforce your impression of the man. Either way, that’s quite a dress.

Anyway, Shaenon’s Millie the Model idea above is a good one, but I think a better idea is that you all send us a lot of money in an attempt to convince Shaenon to draw Tip in an outfit of your choosing. In this way, I get a lot of money and Shaenon does all the work for it, which is quite patently the best of all possible outcomes.