Shaenon: The last sample page of Trash!  Jesse did this one in color to offer a look at his mad coloring skills.  Thanks again, Jesse, for working with me on this book.  I’ve been amazingly lucky over the years in the caliber of artists who have agreed to draw stuff for me (look over the artists on Li’l Mell if you have any doubt), but Jesse Hamm is one of the best.  He’s one of those guys who used to send his work to the legendary Alex Toth for art lessons and general abuse.

As mentioned a while back, you can see more of Jesse’s art on his blog, and be sure to check out his recent story in Hawkeye.

Channing: This is in no way to diminish his other fine work, but the best thing about this picture is the purpleness of the lemur.  I’m fond enough of the normal monochromatic coloration, but I also think nature should provide me with a full-spectrum lemur experience when I want it.  Nature keeps letting me down.