Shaenon: Juliette Calvarin drew this shot of Tip and Dr. Lee. I like that the caption makes it look like a New Yorker cartoon. Also, the clothes are excellent.

Meanwhile, Thalia Mayo made a ball joint doll in costume as Tip, complete with therapy puppet. Thalia writes, “If it matters to anyone, the doll here is a Minifee Ruth, with the normal and dreaming head. Because there should be more art of Sleepy!Tip.” Thanks, Thalia! Thanks, Juliette!

Channing: Thalia Mayo, I have to applaud the line of reasoning here. “Hm,” you say. “I want to make a jointed swappable-parts doll version of one of the primary ‘Skin Horse’ cast. But which of them shall I choose?” The answer, of course: Tip! Nicely done, although Tip would probably take umbrage at how femmy he looks. Not that he doesn’t look kind of femmy, I’m just saying he would take umbrage.

Also, yes, that’s a beautiful simulacrum of a New Yorker cartoon up there, Juliette, regardless of whether or not that was your intent. They’re both so beautifully lanky and angular in this rendition.