Shaenon: Needs more lemurs.

Channing: Yeah, Shaenon, what the hell?

Shaenon: To make up for it, how about I run a special Narbonic/Skin Horse offer on the Couscous Store?  Segue!

I’m currently building an office in my back yard that will double as a tiki bar, because that is how you get a lot of work done.  It is possible that I’m doing this to free the spare room in the house for another project of a personal nature, but I cannot comment on that at this time.  The important thing is, I need tiki bar funds.

So!  For the month of March only, any purchase of Narbonic and/or Skin Horse books at the Couscous Store will come with an original tiki-themed character sketch!  By me!  Narbonic purchases get Narbonic sketches!  Skin Horse sketches get Skin Horse sketches!  What happens if you buy both Narbonic and Skin Horse books?  I don’t know!  Order some and find out!