Shaenon: Wow, pants! At some point, I’d like to do a series of sketches of Tip in outfits inspired by Bugs Bunny’s hottest drag looks: bobby soxer, hillybilly girl, Eskimo girl, lady hunter who says, “Ah would just looove a duck dinnah!” I got this outfit from a book of Marty Links cartoons, Links being one of the foremost illustrators of 1940s-era teenage girls in rolled-up pants, oversized men’s shirts, and ponytails.

Channing: As of this writing, this is my favorite Tip outfit; but then again, I must confess a certain pre-existing affection for late-40’s / early-50’s fashion. This will surprise no one who remembers the character of Imogene Reliant Frog, the poodle skirt-clad employer of Narbonic RPG star and eventual canon immigrant Titus Misanthropie (who was, in turn, the brainchild of the remarkably-tall J.S. “Fortunato” Towne.) Keep fighting the good evil fight, Titus.