Shaenon: Awesome! Jason Thompson drew me these crossdressing Tip’s crossdressing tips, based at least partly on personal experience. In addition to occasionally dressing in drag, Jason knows everything there is to know about manga, draws awesome webcomics like The Stiff and Bold Riley (written by Leia Weathington), and is scripting the upcoming Del Rey graphic novel series King of RPGs. Could he actually be the perfect man? It is entirely possible.

The bathtub shaving panel cracks me up. Jason is really good at drawing feet.

Channing: Jason indeed has prodigious foot-drawing skills, especially when compared to the population norm. However, Tip is obviously pantomiming the shave for demonstration purposes; I doubt there’s even a blade in that razor.

Anyway, let it never be said that reading “Skin Horse” never taught you nothing. It’s education and entertainment! Are we “edutainment” or “entertation”? This point is not clear. Concentrate on the the awesomeness of our guest artists instead of petty neolinguistic concerns such as these.