Shaenon: What can I say? People dig Unity. This sweet watercolor is by Rod Anderson. Rod writes, “I also did a one-panel thing with Tip and Sweetheart; it didn’t turn out like I intended in a number ways, but I think it’s kind of funny, and I did spend some time on it so what the heck.”

I have to admit I like this, first because Tip looks very hot, and second because Sweetheart’s expression is exactly the correct expression for a dog who’s losing patience with her slutty cross-dressing coworker. Thanks, Rod!

Channing: It sounds weird, but there’s something oddly relaxing about this picture of Unity. Watercolors suit her well, perhaps? Issa good thing, regardless. Also, the Tip/Sweetheart drawing makes me want to seek out the numbing oblivion embrace of alcohol, and any art that inspires you to drown out the images in your head at the bottom of a bottle is good art. Thanks for some lovely fan-work, Rod!