Shaenon: Jeffrey did this. I totally blame him.

Channing: Ahem, yes. A throwaway gag on our January 14 strip suggests that Leo is a budding webcomicker, which is unsurprising, because by rough estimate every single person in the entire gargahooling world has a webcomic, myself apparently included. Leo’s strip consists of three characters: The lion with the slicked-back mane (the cool one), the lion with the forward-bristling mane (the manic one) and the strange antelope-like creature (the patently-uncool straw man used for expressing unpopular opinions.) Every single strip consists of three panels of obfuscated tech-talk followed by one panel of the antelope getting eaten. To Leo, it is a labor of love.

Oh, and yes, the punctuation error in panel one is his. He’s a lion, fer cryin’ in the mud. I think it’s pretty good he does as well with the language as he does.