Shaenon: Another pinup by Ed Gedeon, who writes:

While sketching this, I remembered that Dr. Lee complained about Anasigma vaporizing her lingerie drawer. I thought for a moment, “Yeeeaaaahhno, she would have gone out and bought replacements.” This is why we ended up with PG-rated version.

I told Ed that I wanted some sexy pinup art of the male characters to balance this blatant cheesecake. He responded with this:

Ed, that is not what I meant and you know it. Although I like the sock garters.

Channing: Holy cheese, it’s *both* Drs. Lee! I don’t suppose anybody saw the January 28th print issue of the Onion, huh? The story about the Japanese schoolgirl with the hefty middle-aged American businessman fetish? This would be right up her alley, I tell you what. Anyway, equal parts awesome and distressing, Ed, which means you’re totally hitting your marks.