Shaenon: Excuse me, but how friggin’ cute is this? Laura Chapple, a.k.a. Irony-chan, drew this awesome daydream. In reality, I don’t think Dr. Lee has any illusions about Tip’s prospects as a committed life partner (hovering somewhere around slim and none), but it’s true that Tip would like to wear that dress. Please also note Dr. Lee’s formal hanbok. This is all just too adorable for words.

You should of course be reading Irony’s comic The Interstellar Tea House.

Channing: D’aww. This is exceptionally sweet. Yes, as Shaenon says, Dr. Lee probably thinks — for admittedly convincing reasons — that Tip is not the sort to get tied down to any one woman, but that doesn’t stop a girl from dreaming. And that wedding gown is quite fetching on our primary protagonist, isn’t it? Thanks for the beautiful art, Irony.