Shaenon: Inspired by Unity’s interest in beating up 19th-century historical figures, Rosstin created this dramatic confrontation: “Unity goes back in time to do in Lincoln pre-Booth.” I gotta say, these are some pretty boss drawings of Lincoln.

But that’s not all! Those of you who read the comments have no doubt noted that there’s a lot of spontaneous song composition going on. I don’t pretend to understand these things, I just groove with it. Anyway, not long ago I mentioned in the comments that AG-I, one of the as-yet-unseen federal superhuman support organizations, has, and I quote myself, “a really catchy theme song.”

Ed Gedeon took this as a challenge.

The lyrics:

We’re America’s best super-team!
We’re a marketing manager’s dream!
When danger’s near, when you’re in fear,
Then call for AG-I!
We make the people want to cheer,
We make the villains cry!
We fight for truth and liberty
And Mom and apple pie!
Our hair looks great, our teeth are straight,
Our underarms are dry!
You can chill, for we will save the day!
We’re so proud when the crowd shouts hooray!
We fight extr’ordinarily
With strength and high velocity,
We’re out there thrashing villainy
While looking awesome on TV!
We do or die, we’re flying high,
‘Cause every super girl and guy
Has action figures you can buy
From AG-I!

Just imagine if our readers used their powers for good. Or for almost anything other than writing theme songs for briefly-mentioned organizations in obscure webcomics, really. We’d have friggin’ moon colonies by now.

Channing: Oh, sure, we’d have moon colonies, but we’d have much less awesome fanart. Which one benefits me more directly? I think you know the answer.

Anyway. Yet another victim of the nigh-omnipotent leg sweep! I’m digging Unity’s action hair here. Thanks a lot, Rosstin! And Ed, you just keep on doing that thing you do. Nice work here, troops.