Jeffrey Channing Wells (co-author) reluctantly began writing fictions in 1996 when the theater department at his university denied him access to the vocal performance classes he actually wanted, and the world has not been safe since. He is the author of numerous plays, serial stories and robot battle anthems (actually, just the one) and is now apparently co-writing a webcomic. He is kind of at a loss as to how this all happened. Watch him do his thing at Flight Recordings, a Blog on the Internet, where you may find stories of heroic baristas, amnesiac starship crews and, y'know, the stuff he had for lunch or something. You can contact him at channing(at)

Shaenon K. Garrity (co-author and artist) has written and/or drawn a lot of webcomics, including Narbonic, Li'l Mell, and Smithson. She also writes stuff and works as a manga editor. You can get the complete rundown at You can contact her at me(at)

Who Does What on Skin Horse?
Let's see...the initial concept was Shaenon's idea. Shaenon and Jeffrey toss ideas back and forth and write scripts from the results; Jeffrey writes some scripts, and Shaenon writes others. See if you can guess which are which! Then Shaenon draws the final strips. And Jeffrey writes mad-scientist lullubies and things.

Can I Buy Books and Stuff?
Yes, and thank you for asking! Skin Horse books and art are available online at The Couscous Store. You can also buy the books at the following brick-and-mortar stores out in the real world:

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