Shaenon: Today’s the last day of the Skin Horse 5 Kickstarter drive, so back now or forever hold your peace.  We’ve raised enough to publish not only Volume 5 but a reprint of the currently-unavailable Volume 1, so soon the world will be flooded with wonderful wonderful comics.  Thank you so much to everyone!

Meanwhile, this isn’t strictly Skin Horse related, but please enjoy Robin dressed as a gerbil from my previous strip, Narbonic, for Halloween.  Thank you so much to the amazing Valerie for making the gerbil suit.  I mean, wow.

Channing: Val has been wowing me with her exquisite gerbil crafts for ages, ever since she made little beadwork gerbils for attendees of the second Narbonicon, but this may be the culmination of gerbil-related art. Can she top this? I do not know if it is possible to do such a thing. Thank you, Val!