Shaenon: I started this wallpaper illustration at the beginning of the month, and now it’s a nostalgic image of the days when people could gather in groups. Ha ha, the world’s gone mad and we’re all going to die. But at least I have plenty of time to draw while the Bay Area is on lockdown. And at least you have nice desktop/phone wallpaper to look at!

As usual, if you make a donation in any amount to the Skin Horse Tip Jar, or contribute any amount to our Patreon, we’ll give you a link to this wallpaper, designed for two computer desktop sizes and cell phones. Patreon contributors will continue to receive new wallpaper for the length of their contribution.

As a bonus, you’ll get this puppy-tastic March wallpaper from the archives:

Stay safe, everyone!

Channing: I’m eight kinds of preoccupied myself, so it was honestly a relief to see the title of this post before I viewed it and think “Eee, it’s gonna have Leo!” Was not disappointed.