This is by no means the complete cast of the sprawling epic that is Skin Horse, but it covers most of the characters who appear in more than one story arc and it includes the cobras, which is what most readers are here for.

If you haven’t read any of Skin Horse yet, these bios may spoil some plot developments, especially the section at the end with the spoiler warning above it. Shaenon K. Garrity and Jeffrey C. Wells absolve themselves of liability for any negative effects of viewing the Skin Horse cast page.


Skin Horse Staff

Project Skin Horse is a small, underfunded federal agency devoted to helping America’s nonhuman sapients.


Key Contacts

A few of the people, human and otherwise, Skin Horse deals with regularly.


Annex One Staff and Denizens

Project Skin Horse is located in Annex One, a government building in McLean, Virginia that houses a number of minor classified organizations. These are some of Skin Horse’s work neighbors.



A military contractor that covertly oversees a number of classified government agencies. Up to no good.


St. Charlie

A city of mad scientists located on board an underground train beneath Boston.


The Necropolis

The largest zombie settlement in the U.S., located in Colma, California.


Other Clients and Contacts

A selection of sapients Skin Horse tries to help, and occasionally does.




Late-Game Spoiler-y Characters (View at Your Own Risk)

No, really. If you haven’t read into the final years of Skin Horse, back away slowly. Don’t come crying to us if you find out all kinds of cool stuff before you meant to.