Shaenon: Look! My cowriter, the estimable Jeffrey C. Wells, came to San Francisco to visit me! This is the first time we’ve seen each other since Skin Horse started, so you can imagine it was a momentous confab.

Also, I gave him a homemade Skin Horse soundtrack album.

This is, of course, just Skin Horse: The Comic: The Soundtrack Volume 1. I’m sure I’ll make another one down the line.

Channing: Aaah! What. The. Hell. It’s totally, like normal me, except for I’m in San Francisco! Sadly, unlike “Star Wars” action figures, I don’t get a special outfit for the different planets I visit, so I’m pretty indistinguishable from regular flavor me, but that’s okay. Anyway, San Francisco is super-rad, as always. I got to eat lychee ice cream, I saw Rorschach’s notebook, and some girl offered me weed in Dolores Park, so I think I can say I’ve had the Bay Area experience.

Also, check out the track lineup on that soundtrack. Music is always an important inspiration for my creative work, and it’s good to see all these disparate tracks — some of them volunteered by me, some by Shaenon — collected in one coherent volume. Now you know all our inspiration secrets and can write a “Skin Horse”-like webcomic of your very own. In fact, why don’t you just write “Skin Horse” for us, huh? Because WRITING IS HARD.